Akhil Bansal

CMD of Royal Heritage Group
Having 27 years Experience in Various Industries like Construction, Media & Entertainment, social Work.

The foundation of the royal heritage group was laid by Akhil Bansal a self-made young entrepreneur from the town of Mathura n entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, and a visionary,

Royal Heritage Group then went on to strengthen its businesses with diversifications in the fields of real estate developers, media, entertainment under the leadership of Akhil Bansal

Akhil Bansal is professionally qualified with mechanical engineer & management & computer qualification & having 27 years experience in various field like engineering, construction, media & entertainment

How It Works

Mrs. Bharat Icon Contest shows that ‘Life Begins After Marriage’ and that a Married Woman
is not just a Domestic Goddess and Stay-at-Home Wife and Mom but She is also doing the
hardest job in the World. “Kitchen to Ramp”


Royal Heritage Group

1. Real Estate Developer - Township
2. Media
3. Entertainment


Royal Heritage Group

1. Miss Bharat Icon | Mrs Bharat Icon|
Miss Teen Bharat Icon | Mr Bharat Icon
2. Bharat Icon Award
3. Kids Fashion Show
4. Maharaja Agarsen International Film Festival


Social Contribution

1. Charter President of Lions Club of Mumbai Bharat Icon
2.Committee Member of Iskcon, Juhu
3. Treasurer of Akhil Bhartiya Agarwal Sammelen, Mumbai
4. President of Royal Heritage Foundation

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